downloads that are offered here



Goofy Golf Deluxe by Squeegee Software



The TriPeaks Card Game



games from win95 - 418KB zipped
freecell (win95), minesweeper (win95),
solitaire (win95), and spider (winME)



FTP commander v5.80 windows freeware : 514KB zipped
excellent windows FTP client.



glsetup-v100121 : monolithic download 86.1MB zipped


*** glsetup-v100121 is for win95 and win98, only! ***


glsetup-v100121, was developed by the good people at; however, as far as i know, development has stopped; and i could not get to their web site the last time that i tried. sooo... i have put it up since it might be handy for someone. the last download they offered is dated april 2001. glsetup-v100121 contains openGL video drivers for a ton of older video cards. if you have win95 and an older video card, [[ chances are ]] you can get openGL video acceleration for it by running the installation program for glsetup-v100121. it will detect your video card and install the correct video drivers for it.

you also need directX v7, directX v8, or higher, for glsetup-v100121.
win95 is supported for directX v8 and earlier.
win98 comes with directX v6, and is supported for directX v7, v8, and later.
install glsetup-v100121, then install the directX version of your choice.
if you need to download directX v7 or v8 for win9x,
you can go here
directX is about two thirds of the way down the page.
right above the row of white christmas stamp icons.


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