goofy golf deluxe mini golf game
by squeegee software



you know, i bought this game way back in 1999. this now being december 2004, i had the occasion to rediscover goofy golf.... nephews and nieces will tend to do that. anyway, i tried to find squeegee software, through google and other searches, but they don't seem to exist any more. oh well... since i still enjoy the game, i have some screenshots and downloads relating to the game. one nice aspect was that you could design your own golf courses. i have some here, designed by other people, and i have an upgrade patch for the game. squeegee software made a windows version, and a macintosh os9 version of goofy golf. unfortunately, i did not own my iMac at the time, so i only got the windows patch for goofy golf. anyway, enjoy a great game!!


goofy golf deluxe downloads:

windows game patch v1.02 : 215KB self installing executable
cannon extreme custom course : 7KB zipped
farrells folly custom course : 7KB zipped
dads hills custom course : 9KB zipped
frolands custom course : 6KB zipped
funtasic custom course : 5KB zipped
kids golf 1 custom course : 9KB zipped
kids golf 2 custom course : 9KB zipped
putt putt park custom course : 8KB zipped
traditional mini golf custom course : 7KB zipped
or... all 9 custom courses in one download : 68.8KB zipped

help 1
help 2
main menu
sample course

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