download the efax-gtk program
by chris vine

about efax-gtk

star many many screenshots of efax-gtk star

this download and the instructions provided
were packaged together by andrew, a xandros user,
and work only on xandros linux v2x


star download efax-gtk : tgz file : 13,836,188 bytes star
these are the packages included in this download:


star the print_fax script and the mail_fax script : zipped : 2K star
these 2 scripts are not in the above download.
they are included in the source file you can download at sourceforge.
the print_fax script allows one
to automatically send received faxes to a printer.
the mail_fax script allows one
to automatically email received faxes to someone.
place the scripts in a directory, such as:
and make sure they are executable.
more details are in the efax-gtk source readme text file.
which you can find below.


star how to install on xandros readme text file star
*****How to Install efax-gtk 2.2.9a-1 on Xandros 2.x*****

1. Extract the efax-gtk.tgz file ***to your home directory***
2. Open Xandros Networks, and goto Edit |Set Application Sources
3. Click on "Add" and type the following 
   (replace "username" with your username):

deb file::///home/username/efax-gtk binary/

(notice that's "file" then 2 collons then 3 slashes,)
(also note the space between "efax-gtk" and "binary")

4. Click on OK
(if you get an error, check you spelling and punctuation)

5. Assuming you did not receive any errors, search for "efax-gtk" (no quotes)
6. Click on Install next to the "efax-gtk" package title
7. Lauch efax-gtk from: Launch |Applications |Utilities |Efax-gtk

Note: The efax-gtk directory can now be safely deleted, if you do make sure you 
uncheck the line you added in Xandros Networks under Edit |Set Application 
Sources.  If you ever remove efax-gtk and need to reinstall it simply extract 
the efax-gtk.tgz file to your home directory, and recheck the line in Xandros 
Networks under Edit |Set Application Sources.


star the efax-gtk source readme text file star

star many many screenshots of efax-gtk star

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