screen shots of the efax-gtk program
by chris vine

running on Xandros Linux v2

star download and install instructions for efax-gtk are here star

about efax-gtk
about efax
address book entry
efax-gtk help
received fax list
in standby mode
it is in standby mode waiting to receive faxes.
oops, you need to stop standby mode
if you want to look at the settings.

identity tab
modem tab
params tab
print tab
view tab
sockets tab
receive tab
logging tab
page tab
below... viewing page 8 of a 13 page fax.
page 8 of 13
above... viewing page 8 of a 13 page fax.

viewing a fax at 1x zoom

viewing a fax at 2x zoom

viewing a fax at 4x zoom

viewing a fax at 8x zoom

viewing a fax at 10x zoom

star download and install instructions for efax-gtk are here star

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